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The Art of Farting

  • Who was the first legendary farter in the world?
  • Where was the original land of all Windbreakers?
  • How did the ancient empires win many wars with no bloodshed?
  • What was the mysterious, untold truth behind Jacuzzi?
  • How did a simple fart affect entire human history? 

Book Review from Emilee Jackson

December 16th, 2021

The book title itself will catch your attention and make you read it twice. It is hilarious. It is ingenious. Who would have thought that farting takes talent, that there can also be art in it? From the book title and the cover, one can expect this to be an eccentric, if not a quirky read. It will be all the better if it is both. Rarely do we come across books that take such topics and make it worth our time. I am hoping this would. The book cover also claims to impart knowledge about how fart changed the world and human history as we know it. So, the book is not only humorous but also informative. This book looks like the perfect thing to gift someone to lighten up their mood and make sure that they have a great time reading it.