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Chapter One: The History of Farting

When it comes to the concept of farting, you may think that there is no clear history about it anywhere. However, there has always been a great deal of historical information about farting throughout the different times.

Chapter Two: The Protective Role of a Fart

In recent years, many international archeologists discovered numerous caveman paintings that proved and illustrated how troglodytes were using the power of their gross-smelling farts to defend themselves.

Chapter Ten: Fartica – A New Hope On The Rise

Do not despair if your primary care physician has diagnosed you with CFS (Continuous Flatulence Syndrome). It is a disease in which the patient keeps releasing the grossest gas in a chain reaction. People suffering from this horrendous disease tend to go for a walk in the parks much more than others. There is still hope for you. Ask your doctor about Fartica. Fartica is a new drug.

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My Story

I have always enjoyed English writing. In 1994 leading up to 1997, I started working as a freelance writer, interpreter, and translator. I wrote a massive number of various long business letters for many different clients. It was then that I found out how much I sincerely enjoyed English writing. Gradually, I studied and honed my writing skills to create more compelling content for all my business writings.

Later, my newfound passion was lost when I ventured and pursued a career in Information Technology. Soon, my fondness only decreased to be one of my euphoric hobbies. Last year, I finally decided to go after publishing my books.

I have written books in different categories such as Comedy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Romantic Poetry, Westerns, Spy Novel, and Self-Help books.